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Foremost Horizon Sdn Bhd
8, Tingkat Atas,
Jalan Bendera Mahkota,
Taman Bukit Bendera,
28400 Mentakab,
Pahang, Malaysia.
+6018-916 3433 (Susie Pang)

Paper Overlaid Decorative Plywood

Foremost Horizon stock a variety of paper and polyester plywood. On request all paper designs can be coated to improve wearability and stain resistance, or the durable gloss/matt finish of polyester.

A comprehensive range of polyester and paper overlay plywoods are available for use in interior applications such as wall and ceiling panelling.

The patterns of paper overlaid decorative plywood can be either Grooved or Ungrooved: 

                             Ungrooved                                                                                                                                       Grooved


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Maple (MA 2910)

Maple (MA 2908)

Maple (MA 2907)

Maple (MA 2905)

Maple (MA 2904)

Maple (MA 2903)

Maple (MA 2902)

Maple (MA 2901)

Mahagony (MG 2201)

Lotus (LT 1318)

Lotus (LT 1316)

Lotus (LT 1311)

Lotus (LT 1306)

Lotus (LT 1305)

Lotus (LT 1304)

Lotus (LT 1303)

Kranji Rubber Wood (KRW 3033)

Kranji Rubber Wood (KRW 3032)

Kranji Rubber Wood (KRW 3007)

Kranji Rubber Wood (KRW 3002)

Kranji Rubber Wood (KRW 3001)

Finger Rubber Wood (FR 1201)

Cherry (CR 2821)

Cherry (CR 2820)

1 - 24 of 40

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